Jennifer Derugen, LM, CPM, CHT

Jennifer (Jenny) Derugen, LM, CPM, CHT has been a midwife serving the homebirth community for over 27 years.   She is privileged to have attended over 600 births in the peaceful sanctity of home! She previously was an autonomous midwife in Pennsylvania serving families from varied walks of life including many Amish Communities from 1980 until 2006.  She then relocated to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where she continues to serve families choosing homebirth in S.E. Virginia as a Licensed Midwife.   She now resides in Ghent, a historic district of Norfolk. 
Jenny is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and offers private hypnosis sessions and Hypno-Beginning  classes ( to expectant mothers in preparation for a comfortable, natural birthing experience.  This series of 4-two hour classes teach self-hypnosis and the very powerful way to create the perfect body anesthesia.  Many couples have benefited greatly from hypnosis for childbirth.
Please free free to contact Jenny for a free phone consultation in regards to home-birthing , waterbirths and hypnosis for childbirth.

Norfolk, VA 23517
United States

p. 757-622-2791


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